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Current Author Showcase

Since 2006, we have been delighted to introduce guests who are passionate about reading with -- and writing for -- children. To meet some of the other authors, illustrators, publishers, and literacy advocates who have shared their stories with us, please visit the archive.

Lauri Fortino - Lauri's writing gene may have come from her grandmother, but her love of children's books is all her own. She loves picture books, and working in a library ensures she is always surrounded by them. Her debut picture book, The Peddler's Bed, is both classic, fresh, and accessible to readers of all ages.

Nancy Gee - Like many authors, Nancy Gee writes what she knows. A real-life event is the premise for Nancy Gee's award-winning picture book, The Secret Drawer. Although Nancy loved telling the story, it wasn't until her grandchildren challenged her to publish a book that she put pen to paper and launched her writing career.

Terry John Barto - Hooray! Choreographer and Director Terry John Barto is bringing his storytelling talents to audiences in a new way ... as a children's book author. Terry is passionate about not only creating original stories, but bringing children back to the experience of sharing and enjoying a book.

Ruth Sanderson - Who says fairy tales can't come true? Award-winning illustrator Ruth Sanderson has loved these stories all her life. Now, she transforms the imagery into beautiful picture books for readers of all ages.

Jerome Tiller - You never know what will happen with a science fair project. Just ask Jerome! At the suggestion of his son's science teacher, they transformed a fifth grade science fair project about digestion into a children's book. An author was born!

Peter Trimarco - From reading books with different character voices to writing plays for kids, Peter and Brenda have been engaging youth with the joys of literacy for many years. Now, with their new book It's Just So... they are discovering new voices and the joys of reading.


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