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Author: Sally M. Hunter

Illustrator: Sally Hunter

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Publisher: Henry Holt & Company, Inc.,

Material: hard cover

Summary: While Humphrey begins the process of getting ready for bed, older sister Lottie reminds him that she is a big girl, and doesn't have to go to bed yet. Older siblings like to remind younger kids how big they are. This book lets the little ones in on the secret: their big brother/sister is about to fall asleep, too!

Type of Reading: bedtime story, read aloud

Recommended Age: read together: 0 to 4; read yourself: 6 to 8

Interest Level: 1 to 3

Reading Level: 1.6

Age of Child: Started reading with child who is 21 months old.

Young Reader Reaction: This one was slow to get recognized. Took a couple nights of parental selection to fully engage in reading this book. Now, every other week or so, we get a request to read "Humphrey."

Adult Reader Reaction: It's an easy read, with concepts & processes familiar to us all. Not to mention sibling jealousies remembered by many!

Pros: An easy read that can handle repeat requests without getting overly tedious. The illustrations are engaging and soothing.

Cons: There are Brit-isms (e.g., jim-jams for pajamas), so you may need to take some liberties with the text.

Borrow or Buy: A cute story a couple of times. This is a nice complement to other stories about going to bed and siblings, but certainly not a must-have.


Educational Themes: Each of us has our own way of doing things. Sometimes we go the easy route, sometimes we take a circuitous one.

Literary Categories: Fiction - animal characters, family, picture book

Date(s) Reviewed: August 2003

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