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From Stage to Print: Peter Trimarco & Brenda Faatz

In 2008, Peter Trimarco and Brenda Faatz started Wee Noteables, a youth theatre production. Writing original scripts and music, creating memorable characters, and engaging young children in performing arts education was all in a day's work.

With so much creativity in residence, it is little surprise that Brenda and Peter have so successfully adapted their skills to writing and illustrating books for children. In fact, Lizzy, the main character in their series, is based upon a character from one of Brenda's plays!

Just as they have done with Wee Noteables, Peter and Brenda hope not only to engage and educate young children, but to help them become stronger by challenging their fears and embracing change.

Brenda and Peter have a blended family. The 2016-2017 school year will likely bring many "it's just so ..." moments as their sons are seniors preparing for college.

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