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Meet Telva Elwell and Barbara Kelley

It's not often that you find an all-in-the-family collaboration for a children's book. But that's exactly how Ellasense Misses the Train came to life. Telva Elwell (TJ),her cousin Barbara Kelley, and TJ's son Luke all combined their talents to write and illustrate this poetic children's picture book.

There have always been books in Telva's world. She grew up in Illinois, but today lives with her family in South Carolina. She is a Stay-at-Home Mom for her husband and two sons. As a young girl, she would walk to the local library and bring home as many books as she could carry. Her grandfather was a masterful storyteller, and TJ listened intently to his stories. She also spent time with her step-grandmother, who was an artist. With easels side-by-side they would draw and paint at various exhibitions.

Barb was born in Kansas, but, having lived in Colorado for several years, still considers herself a "mountain girl" at heart. The flexible schedule she has as a nurse examiner gives her time to write poems and "little jingles"...which she has been doing since childhood. One of her earliest memories is of her grandmother reading to her. She is a voracious reader, and often is reading a couple of books simultaneously. She keeps one in the house and one in her car, JUST in case she has to wait on a patient. Barb and her husband live in Kansas, and enjoy spending time with their children.

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