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Meet Pete Parente

Peter Parente's charming children's book series was inspired by his kinkajou Peeper. His stories help educate children about unique creatures and their characteristics, as well as instill in children an appreciation for nature. The only hope for some of our ecosystems’ survival rests with our children, who are our future. Peter launched the series with Peeper the Kinkajou in 2004. Peeper Goes to Florida will be published in 2006, and The Lemur Party will arrive on shelves in late 2006 or 2007.

In April 2005, Peter's new book Boomer To the Rescue will be released. This story is for beginning readers and is based on his lavender skunk, Boomer.

Peter has had many years of experience working with exotics and educating others on the care and handling of these animals. He has taken all of his experience and uses his books and their real-life inspirations as educational tools for his presentations that he provides for schools, zoos, and various other groups to help bring to our attention the needs for conservation around the world. He currently works with the Wild Life Rescue, Turtle Kraals, and The Dolphin Research Center in his hometown of Key West and raises funds for several other non-profit organizations as well as all of the schools, zoos, and children’s groups he visits.

Believing that the best way tomake a difference for the future was to teach children, Peter created Tree of Life Publishing and Peeper & Friends to publish his books as well as others for worldwide distribution and be the voice for those who can’t speak. Peter believes all of the animals in the series teach kids about the environment and offer moral lessons in ways children can comprehend them. They provide pure reading enjoyment for adults and children.

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