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Meet Jane Kirkland

Sometimes the most profound changes in our life come from the most unexpected places. Just ask Jane Kirkland ....

Jane had just finished grocery shopping and happened to look up in the sky just in time to see a Bald Eagle. Curious about whether or not that was a rare sighting, she started doing some research. One thing led to another and the Take a Walk® Book Series was born.

The Take a Walk® books have won innumerable awards since the first title was published in 2001. Professional organizations that include scientific, teaching, naturalist, parenting and publishing organizations have all recognized the profound impact that Jane's books offer children and families.

Jane is frequently the go-to person in the media for nature-related items. You may have seen her on Animal Planet TV (Backyard Habitat) or heard her on National Public Radio (NPR). She's also been quoted in a number of magazines, including Parenting, Family Circle, and Home Schooling Today, to name a few.

When she's not on the road educating children about nature, she is writing, taking photographs and practicing what she preaches: enjoying nature.

You can read more about the books and Jane's work, as well as see some of the artwork and photos kids have submitted by going to Jane's website http://www.takeawalk.com.

"Eye on Nature" is Jane's monthly column about nature. Now in its third year, you can find it in publications in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. You can also check out Nature Moments, Janes web log.

NOTE: Book cover images and photography used with author's permission.

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