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Among all of her imaginings as a child, Daryl Burkhard had not envisioned herself as an author. She was an adventurer with plans to be a forest ranger, a professor, a cowgirl, a painter, or maybe a violinist. She even told her dad she'd be the first woman on Mars.

Daryl Burkhard was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1956. Surrounded by rugged mountains and sweeping plains, she spent her first nine years hiking through pine shrouded forests, exploring decrepit old shacks, and peering, very carefully, into the dark cavities of abandoned mines.

Daryl loved the world she, her sister, and her brother lived in and created. It was full of adventure, exploration, and imagination extraordinaire. But when it came time to "grow up," Daryl took a more down-to-earth path. She earned a bachelor of science in biology, a Masters degree in Accounting, and a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources Policy and Planning.

Although the idea of writing adventure stories wasn't in her original plan, at forty-four, she jumped in feet first. For her first novel, Riddle in the Mountain, she drew on those childhood journeys to create a time travel adventure. In fact, the catalyst event in Riddle in the Mountain came from her own memory of playing under the porch as a child.

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