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Royce Adams is writing for all of us.

Since the beginning, his material has always had something value added for his readers. In the late 1970s, he wrote or co-authored non-fiction books filled with practical strategies to help high school and college students make the most of what they read. In 2000, he collected a set of his short stories in a book, Teacher, Teacher, I Declare. And in that same time frame Royce published eight young adult novels that not only have captured the imaginations of teens, their parents, and teachers, but also given them something to think about along the way.

In his thirty-year career as a teacher, Royce published twenty-two college text books, primarily in the areas of developmental reading, writing, and study skills. A quick search at amazon.com shows that several of his books are still in print. Developing Reading Versatility is in its Tenth Edition; and Reading Beyond Words is in its Sixth.

Royce also understands the challenges teachers face. "Keeping student’s attention is not easy, and I tip my hat to those teachers who manage to do so with too many students in a classroom. I think getting attention is harder than it used to be based on so many technological innovations that make sitting in class tough for so many. Even the attention level of many college students leaves much to be desired, especially with ipods and cell phones so prevalent in class."

When his daughter Kate saw all of his textbooks on their shelf at home, she challenged Royce to write something that she could read. Until then, he had never thought about writing for a younger audience. Even though this was new to him, Kate knew exactly where to begin: in the place that is rare, has good air, and lots of rubies. The Rairarubia Tales, which began as father-daughter collaborative effort, was transposed from story-telling moments to a book for the world to enjoy.

Where Rairaubia transports readers between this world and a fantasy one, Royce's other young adult novels are grounded here on earth. Me & Jay and the sequel Jay immerse readers in the life Jay Thornton, with front-row seats to observe how choices (and their consequences) affect the path that lies before us.

Similarly, in The Computer's Nerd teens can live vicariously through Arthur, who has found a way to take care of the bullies that torment him. Who hasn't thought about "secret ways" to solve our problems. But what happens then?

In all of his fictional works Royce is carefully getting teens to look "down the line" and think past the immediate gratification of the "satisfactory" choice just made. He has skilfully woven stories that get kids excited about reading, with themes that provoke them to think. Could a parent ask for more than that?

Royce's teaching career spans thirty years. For seven years he taught at South High School, Torrance, California. From there he moved to Santa Barbara City College, where he taught for twenty-three years and is an Emeritus Professor of English.

Royce is a member of the Author's Guild, the International Reading Association, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, The Association of Booksellers for Children, and the Rockford Writers Guild. He is also a past-president of the College Reading and Learning Association

He lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, Jane Brody, daughter Kate, and black lab, Zena.

Images used with Permission.

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