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Once her children were grown, Lynda decided she needed more to do. She had been Mom for a long time, but now wanted to find a way to express herself, and also leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren.

Lynda had been a Librarian's Assistant in Tranquility, California, for many years, and that experience sparked her interest to return to college. Her goal was clear: she wanted to be a published author. After taking courses and seminars to help her learn about the publishing world, as well as her writing, Lynda began submitting manuscripts to publishers.

Still working through the emotions of several rejections, a new path came to her one day after church. Lynda noticed that a local illustrator had worked on one of the children's books. She contacted him, and a collaboration on her first four books soon followed.

Lynda is creating books with stories for families to share, in this generation and the next. “Our only hope as a society is that we learn from our mistakes and pass that knowledge along to our children," says Lynda. "Children aren’t born knowing what to do, they have to figure it out, and it’s our responsibility to guide them. I hope my books will provide a roadmap for them, and that the parents will be reminded of the importance of teaching the values in these books as they read them together with their children.”

Lynda has lived in Fresno County, California, for more than forty years. She has three children and seven grandchildren.

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