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Meet Max Eliot Anderson

Even though Max Eliot Anderson grew up in a house full of books--his dad was an author--he didn't love reading like his siblings. Max is the first person to tell you he WAS a reluctant reader and that even today, it isn't a favorite activity.

Four years ago (armed with his degree in psychology) he decided to explore why he was a reluctant reader. In his research, he discovered a pattern: the books he had to read just didn't interest him. "The style was boring, the dialog was sometimes sparse or when it was used, it seemed too adult. I wanted music, moving pictures, and characters on the screen - not a page of words. I was looking for action, suspense, and humor."

He has since taken the fruits of his research and started writing adventure books that he would have liked reading if he could go back in time. His books are written for 8- to 13-year-olds who are reluctant or unhappy readers (and those who THINK they are).

Before he started writing, Max produced films, video programs, and TV commercials that involved the action that, ironically, was what he had been searching for in his reading. He has been involved in the production of some of the most successful Christian films for children including Hobo and the Runaway, The Mystery of Willouby Castle, The Great Banana Pie Caper, and many others.

His video productions have earned national awards including three Telly Awards (the equivalent of the Oscar™ for movies). Max was involved in a PBS television special that won a nomination for an Emmy, and the double album won a Grammy.

Max and his wife live in Rockford, Illinois. He has two adult children.

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