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Frances Gilbert loves stories. She loves hearing stories. She loves sharing storybooks. She loves telling stories.

Frances' memories of her childhood in England include listening to the adults tell stories to entertain the children while they were all hunkered down in bomb shelters and cellars. This was their sole source of entertainment ... and a means of escaping the all-too-real fears of daily life.

Playing with words, taking a random thought and building a plot, asking herself what-if questions about an event and turning it into a story ... retreating to explore the imagery in her mind. This is where her stories are born.

Frances has also made storytelling a family experience. Her daughter Sarah illustrated two of her books, and her grandchildren give her 'editing' ideas, and written stories based on adventures they've shared together.

Born in Greenwhich, England, Frances immigrated to the United States in 1966. She lives in Connecticut with her husband David. She has three grown daughters, one son, and six grandchildren.

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