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Meet Marguerite Morris Arnold

Marguerite Morris Arnold loves all things related to words. Her passions for writing and sharing words with others span her life. Marguerite won her first regional poetry award in Middle School and is still writing.

As a Literacy Advocates of America volunteer, she helps to close the gap of language barriers and literacy issues for adults in her community.

Marguerite received her baccalaureate degree from Pace University, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree. Marguerite married her college sweetheart and they travel to various corners of the world as the opportunities arise.

In 2004, Marguerite published two children's picture books, both with themes to help children understand the death of a parent. Her book Most Mommies Are ..."describes our favorite things about mommies and that some mommies are angel.” In Some Daddies Are ... the story "explains where Daddys are when they aren't home, and that some daddies are angels."

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