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Although Craig Feigh didn't grow up with computers, he understands how they are an integral part of the lives of today's kids. When he couldn't find a book featuring computer-based characters, he decided to write one. His Little Bit and Big Byte picture book series introduces young kids to computers - from the inside.

Craig's first title in the series Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach has received very positive reviews by Teens Read Too, Blogger News Network, and ePinions.com. The second title, Little Bit and Big Byte Go Green will be published in 2010.

Although Craig was not an avid reader as a child, he believes that inspiring young readers is a goal every parent and teacher should strive for.

In addition to being a children's book author, Craig has published books in two other genres. All My Imperfections I Inherited from My Mom (Xulon Press, 2008) is a collection of humorous short stories. His other book The Sure Way to Him (Xulon Press, 2008) offers Christians a way to understand their faith in the context of daily living.

Craig T. Feigh lives and writes in Overland Park, Kansas and Gravois Mills, Missouri. He holds a degree in business from the University of Hawaii.

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