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In 1997, Cathy Puett Miller began her journey as The Literacy Ambassador®. As she explains in our interview, her mission hasn't changed. She is still building bridges by connecting children and adults, parents and educators, in ways that will help everyone see literacy as a tool for life.

Cathy has written extensively about reading and literacy, both as an author and freelance writer. She is a regular contributor to Education World, where you'll find articles on everything from layering instruction to motivating reluctant readers. In addition, she authors three blogs: Parents and Kids Reading Together, a parent/family resource; Light the Spark of Reading, a K thru 12 teachers blog; and Passionate Preschool Teachers", for preschool educators.

Cathy's freelance articles have appeared in Atlanta Our Kids, Omaha Family, and Georgia Journal of Reading. She has also written for the online resources Literacy Connections, Parenthood.com, the aforementioned Education World, Family Network, the Reading Tub, and the National Education Association. Cathy has also written book reviews for children's books for Children's Literature.com, Southern Early Childhood Association, and the NYJournal of Books.

Cathy Puett Miller uses a library science degree from Florida State University as the foundation of her work. With more than 13 years experience as an independent literacy consultant working with teachers, parents, librarians, and non-profit family-friendly organizations, she has conducted research initiatives and best practice studies in the areas of beginning reading instruction, emergent literacy and volunteer tutoring. In 2003, Cathy received the National Silver Award for Investigative Reporting from Parenting Publications of America. She is also listed in the What Works Clearinghouse Registry of Outcome Evaluators, US Dept of Education, and the Parent Involvement Matters List of Consultants.

Cathy lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with her husband, Chuck, and lots of friendly, ferociously read books. Their son Charlie is attending college in Birmingham, AL.

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