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Author Showcase

Winter 2005 Featured Author, Jerrye Sumrall

RT: Intruders on Battleship Island, although fiction, weaves historical information about the Civil War into the plot. It also takes place in an area where we don’t hear much about when we talk about that war. What drew you to this information?

Jerrye: I would say mostly curiosity and fascination with the local area where I live. I started researching historical information about Mobile Bay, and specifically, Goat Island. It didn’t take long to find a wealth of information about the area, including Goat Island, which was once used as a Civil War battery.

RT: Your series is for readers ages 9 to 12. It can be touchy to reach and/or engage this audience in reading. Why did you decide to write the series for this group of readers? What do you think they are looking for when they pick up a book?

Jerrye: I like to write for this group because I remember that time in my childhood as being the most fun. Also, in my teaching career, that’s the age group I had the most experience with. I believe kids like to read for different reasons: adventure, mystery, escape, a character they can identify with, or just a relaxing, fun experience.

RT: When will we see the next volume in the Bayshore Mysteries series? How many books do you envision for the series?

Jerrye: Right now I have three books written for the series. Intruders on Battleship Island is the first one in print. I hope to get the second and third books in print soon. I’m not exactly sure how many books I’ll write for the series, but I hope it will be many more.

RT: What are your goals for the Bayshore Mysteries? Do you plan to help the boys grow up from book to book or will you introduce a whole new set of characters with each volume?

Jerrye: I hope to reach as many kids as I can with the series. I plan to keep the same basic characters, but I’m not sure how I’ll handle their growth and maturity. I’d like to keep them about the same age like the Alden Children in the Boxcar Children mystery series.

RT: Is it possible for people to read excerpts from Intruders on Battleship Island? Where should they go to purchase the books? While they are readily available online, not everyone uses the Internet. Do traditional bookstores carry them or do they have to be special ordered?

Jerrye: Yes, they can read an excerpt from the book by going to the Authorhouse site at http://1stbooks.com/bookview/18896. The book can be purchased online from Authorhouse at bkborders@authorhouse.com, or by calling 1-888-280-7715. You can also find it at Amazon.com and the online stores for Books A Million and Barnes & Noble. For those not using the Internet, Intruders on Battleship Island, can be special ordered through your local bookstore.

RT: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Jerrye: I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview for The Reading Tub. I would also like to encourage everyone to visit my website, http://jerrye3.homestead.com/homepage.html to learn more about me and the upcoming books in the Bayshore Mystery Series. Happy New Year, everyone!

Website: http://jerrye3.homestead.com/homepage.html


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