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When a Child Struggles to Read

Some kids love to read, other kids hate it. Why? Sometimes it's just not a favorite activity, maybe a child feels pressure to read better and, because they are struggling, rebels against the activity. Click the items below to learn about environmental or medical factors that may interfere with someone's ability to be a successful reader.

WE DON'T LIKE READING. Kids model their behavior on ours. If all we do is watch TV, then they will, too. We bring our likes and dislikes wherever we go. And that includes our personal experiences with reading.

DYSLEXIA. A neurological condition that shows itself as very poor reading and spelling in bright individuals (adult and child) with nothing else wrong.

LATE BLOOMER. Children don't learn to read at the same rate. Sometimes kids are ready to read by preschool, in other cases, it's closer to second grade. The key is to encourage reading and help your child keep a positive attitude toward developing this crucial skill.

ANXIETY. For some children, the idea of trying something new can be unnerving. Things that some of us think are "little things" and which we can easily handle can feel like huge obstacles.


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