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Effective 1 November 2016:  

Due to a pressing family matter, we are not accepting ANY books for review. 
We Have Closed the Shelves. Please do not submit queries.
Yes, it is disappointing. We L-O-V-E discovering new books and authors. Our volunteer families read EVERY book we receive, and more than new 500 titles land on our doorstep every year. We don't ask for these books, they come to us automatically from authors and publishers with whom we have worked over the last decade.
We will consider accepting your book if,
(a) we have previously accepted books from your publisher; or
(b) you want to be in our Author Showcase.

Answers to the questions below may help you decide if your objectives complement ours. PLEASE do not gloss over this point: We read every book sent to us, but we do not guarantee a review.   

Why a Reading Tub® profile? The books we receive are reviewed by adults and the kids they read with. We think that's important. When we finish our profile, your book is given to a non-profit that works with at-risk readers (kids who don't have books and/or kids struggling with reading).

What kind of books to you review? Most of the books reviewed on the Reading Tub website or on Family Bookshelf (our blog) came from the public library or our personal collections; were submitted by a volunteer reviewer (who likely got it from the library); or were an unsolicited donation from an author, publisher, or publicist. We very rarely request books from an author or publisher – less than 10% each year.

We profile books for kids from infant to 13. We do accept workbooks, but not coloring books or learn-to-draw books. We will consider audiobooks on a case-by-case basis, but do not accept digital or eBooks. Please note that we are currently ONLY accepting books from authors and publishers who have previously donated books to us. If you are a new author with an established publisher (search our site to be sure) we will accept your book.

Do you accept self-published authors? Absolutely. Your self-published work must be produced by an established company (e.g., Trafford, AuthorHouse, etc.), and available for purchase through their site or on a major bookseller site.

Do you accept books from independent, personally owned, and boutique presses? Yes. The publisher must (a) publish more than one author, and/or (b) be a member in good standing with at least one of the following associations: American Booksellers Association (ABA), Children’s Book Council (CBC), Publishers Marketing Association (PMA), or Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN).

Will you buy my book to review? We do not request nor purchase books. To get a review you must send us a copy at no charge. Our donors want to their money used to help kids learn to read, not buy books. It is a worthwhile donation to children's literacy. [We are a 501c3.] Not sure you can afford to give away a book? Click here to read Carolyn Howard-Johnson's article about donating books.

Do you charge for reviews? Our reviews are available for FREE. Unfortunately, maintaining a website is not. Many of the books on the Reading Tub website are linked with a bookseller, including Amazon, Barefoot Books, and Tapestry Books. All revenue generated from sales through these venues is used strictly for maintaining the website so that it can be subscription free (i.e., hosting fees, website upgrades). These affiliate relationships also minimize the need to request donations via fundraising campaigns.

Neither the receipt of books - including those we request - nor the affiliate compensation will influence the review process or conclusions presented in our profiles.

Money donated to the Reading Tub, Inc. covers the cost of running the Website and distributing books to children, families, and schools in need. Nothing else.

Do you write a review for every book? While we can assure you that your book will be read, we do not promise that we will publish a review.

How long does it take to get a review? We do not promise reviews in a specific time period. We want to encourage reading, so we match the book with a child who is already interested in that topic/theme. Because it is not first-come/first-served, it can be as short as a few weeks or up to a year before a book is placed for review. The author or publisher is in the best position to decide if donating a book to the Reading Tub fits their objectives.

Why do I need to register with the Reading Tub? This information helps us in two ways. First, by giving us your zip code, we can find your local library and add it to our list. We offer a link to libraries on every book profile. Second, it helps us better understand our audience.

If you decide to send a book to the Reading Tub, Inc. it is a donation to a public charity. Because we do not guarantee a service, the value of the book and the postage MAY be tax deductible. If we review the book, we have provided a service in exchange for the book and the donation is no longer tax deductible. If the book is not reviewed, it is tax deductible.

Budding Reader$5 to $50
Bronze Medal Bookworms$51 to $100
Silver Medal Literacy Supporter$101 to $150
Gold Medal Literacy Advocate$151 to $200
Platinum Literacy Champion$201 and up


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