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The Reading Tub is yet another example of how nurturing a small idea can lead to big things. What started as an idea for a book review website in June 2003 quickly morphed into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to get books to at-risk readers. One fact drives us

Study after study tells us that the single most important determinant for becoming a successful reader is the amount of reading material at home.

Not convinced? Then take a minute to read about just how important reading is to our success as individuals.

Our goal is that the Reading Tub is your first and only stop for helping kids reach their full literacy potential.

The Reading Tub collects and distributes books to at-risk readers, whether it is a child with no books at home or a teacher building a classroom library for her struggling students. Donations fund this work, and 100% of the money we receive goes to providing literacy information and shipping books.

So how are we doing? As of January, 2014 (just over 10 years) our volunteers have distributed more than 10,000 books, published more than 2,500 in-depth book profiles, and written and curated hundreds of articles on ways to make literacy an every-day part of yours and your child's lives.

Decreases in donations and volunteers have caused us to change our operational model.
  • Many of our volunteers have returned to work or taken a second job.
    We suspended the Use Your ABCs project, which engages struggling readers with reading and publishing book reviews.
  • Reviewers are using library copies of more popular books, decreasing reader exposure to exceptional, but lesser-known books for children and young adults.
Another project, Read it Together, our program for pediatric literacy, remains on the drawing board.

This is also true for our interactive portal that will help parents better understand the components of being a successful reader. We have taken the first step by creating a Rcurated library of literacy and reading ideas (a la Wiki style), but we want - and need - to do more.

We are always interested in expanding our family, and we hope you'll consider jumping in the Tub. If you are interested in being a literacy volunteer, just send us an Email.

No time to volunteer? Then maybe being a registered reader is for you. Follow our blog and we'll keep you up-to-date on new books, great reviews, articles on literacy, and more. And we promise: We won't fill your Inbox with stuff.


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