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Author: B.J. DeFrancesco

Illustrator: Shari Lynn Myers

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Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher,

Material: paperback

Summary: Kyle's Dad (Mr. Dee Nile) owns the factory in town. It is clouding the air and choking out the animals. Despite multiple attempts to show Mr. Dee Nile the error of his ways, he persists in doing things "the old way." Then one day, something happens that affects him personally. Will he change his mind, now? This is an illustrated story helps children understand the concepts of global warming.

Type of Reading: playtime reading, read aloud book, independent reading

Recommended Age: read together: 6 to 9; read yourself: 8 to 10

Interest Level: 6 to 10

Age of Child: Read with child that is six years old.

Young Reader Reaction: Our child quickly recognized some of the problems, including the cause and effect. However, there were some things (like a polar bear with a fan) that s/he found silly.

Adult Reader Reaction: This story offers a very important message. Unfortunately, some of the tongue-in-cheek elements diminish its value. We thought this book would be help "solidify" the idea of global warming for our child, but it didn't add to the discussions we already have. The games at the end are for children in the upper part of the target audience range.

Pros: This picture book offers a story that illustrates the impact on the earth for the choices we make (or don't make). The glossary and games in the back help reinforce the message.

Cons: Rather than focusing on the factory's impact on the city/neighborhood, the book takes big leaps to the North Pole on one end, and presents the idea of insta-grow forests on the other.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. The message is important for kids, and the book offers games to help reinforce vocabulary and basic principles of natural science.

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Educational Themes: This book offers a great starting point for talking about or organizing events vis-a-vis conservation and protecting the earth. The illustrations allow kids to draw their own conclusions and build stories of their own. Mr. Nile's behavior opens the door to discussions about ignorance, bias, stubbornness, and selfishness. Don't miss the opportunity to talk about how one person's decision can impact lots of others.

Literary Categories: Fiction - picture book, ecology, life lessons

Date(s) Reviewed: January 2008

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