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Even in retirement, Peggy Williams sees herself as an educator. When she set upon her counseling career, her primary interest was to help children build self-esteem and to give parents ideas for positive parenting.

Early in her career Peggy set a goal to use the concepts she learned in her studies to create books that teach children needed social skills. She wanted to write easy-to-read stories that would engage a variety of audiences. Friends in the Meadow - Birds is her first attempt at this goal. She found that when both children and parents do things together, they have opportunities for sharing and bonding. According to Peggy, bird watching offers the benefit of building the child's self-esteem and can help to form a closer parent-child relationship.

In recognition of her work for documenting local history, she received a community award as the author of Memories of Randolph Bibb County, Alabama.

Peggy and her husband Wayne are natives of Alabama. Peggy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

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